Heating Pad is a Canadian owned and operated company offering a reusable instant heat pack that provide instant heat when you most need it! We are located in Milton, Ontario.

The instant heat packs and reusable hand warmers we sell are non-toxic, safe to use, and they can be re-used hundreds of times. Our heat packs are made with high quality materials, such as a thicker higher quality plastics, and extra sodium acetate (produces the heat) which make our products more durable and longer lasting than many of our competitors.


Our hand warmers are perfect for sliding in gloves for those cold winter days. They are great for outdoor activities in the winter, and even to have on hand in emergency kits. We also have products for the neck, shoulders, eyes and lower back can help bring quick relief from pains and aches.

You can view and purchase our heat packs here.

We have been selling instant heat packs since the beginning of 2007. We make sure that our instant reusable heating pads are manufactured with top quality, non-toxic materials.