Reusable Heat Packs

Reusable Heat Packs are Safe to Use

Our instant, reusable hand warmers and heat pads are made with sodium acetate, which is safe and non-toxic to humans. They are very simple to use; when the metal disk is snapped, it releases a few molecules, which turns the sodium acetate into a solid-state. The chain reaction takes only a few seconds and generates all the heat.

Easy to Recharge

Our reusable heat packs can be recharged hundreds of times. To recharge the heat packs, simply bring a pot of water to boil, cover the bottom with a cloth (so the plastic won't melt), and then place the heat packs in the pot. Boil the packs until the crystals are fully dissolved, and it looks clear again. The crystals need to be fully dissolved, or the heat pack might activate itself as it cools. The process takes approximately 15 minutes or less.

Has Many Uses

Hand warmers and heat packs have many uses. The smaller hand warmers and squares we sell are great for outdoor trips in the winter, such as ice fishing, skating, or even just to warm up on a cold winter day. Heat packs are also great for treating pains and aches. We have many sizes and shapes available for treating neck or back pain, sprains, headaches, and more. Because the heat is activated so fast, it can bring faster and more convenient relief. Heat packs are also great to add to your emergency kits at home or in your vehicles in case of an emergency.