Heating Pad

Heating Pad is an online retailer of reusable heating pads, instant heat packs, and hand warmers. Our reusable instant heat pads are manufactured with top quality materials. Heating Pad is a Canadian based company located in Ontario, Canada. All of our products are non-toxic and safe to use. Because of the high-quality materials we use, our heat pads are very durable and will last a lot longer than some of the products other companies are producing.

Our Products are Easy to Use

Our reusable hand warmers are powered by a liquid called sodium acetate. Each heat pack contains a metal disc; when you snap and “pop” the disc, it releases molecules into the solution, which starts a chain reaction and activates the heat pack. The heat pack will begin to solidify and heat up.

Reusable Hand Warmers

All of our products are reusable. Our instant heat pads can be recharged hundreds of times. For more information on activating and recharging heat packs, click here.